Mention in Research


Postgraduate Degree in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project, awarded by ISEC Lisboa. Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências, based in Lisbon


Monitoring and mentoring in Spanish or English




An academic course carried out in parallel with a Master's program of ELISAVA


60 ECTS (UE)


1,900 € (without pre-registration fee)
Financing and grants


International Center for Studies and Research TGRAF ISEC Lisboa. In collaboration with Elisava Research

Admission requirements

Being enrolled in a Master's program in ELISAVA and having a higher university degree
Access and admission

ELISAVA presents, together with the ISEC Lisboa. Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências, through its International Centre for Studies and Research TGRAF ISEC Lisboa, the Postgraduate Degree in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project.

This is an accreditation process that will be developed in parallel to a Master's program with a university degree from ELISAVA for the certification of academic / scientific skills in the management and development of applied research through design (60 ECTS). Therefore, as a complement to all of its Master's programs, ELISAVA offers the possibility of taking this theoretical / experimental postgraduate with the purpose of helping the students acquire the following skills: 

  • Ability to manage the information of an applied design project.
  • Ability to communicate from a scientific point of view. 

By doing so, the students get to broaden their professional or academic opportunities in order to:

  • Take part in professional research teams in companies with I+D+I departments. 
  • Teach as an accredited specialist professor for applied design research.
  • Complete the academic curriculum of higher studies to apply for a position in a doctoral program.

The accreditation is developed entirely in ELISAVA, with the follow-up and support of the tutors of the Centre TGRAF ISEC Lisboa, and in parallel to the Master's studies of ELISAVA; in English or in Spanish, depending on the language of preference of the student.

The monitoring and evaluation of the accreditation process revolves around the evolution of the experimental design process that the student has developed and consolidated in his / her Final Master's Project of ELISAVA. To qualify for the certification of the competences proposed by ISEC Lisboa postgraduate course, the student must write a second descriptive report of their work, presenting the results from a scientific perspective.

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